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Natalie Beatham

Natalie Beatham Torrington CT Conn 06790 Still Shooting Heroin on Dec 30 2019

Natalie Beatham

On Jan 6 2019 at 10pm Natalie Beathams father threatened physical harm to Evan Toder if he did not take this website down.

Evan has immediately notified several neighbors, Joe Watley, David Breau, Evans father, Evans fathers neighbor Wayne Fruhal telling them all of the threats and informing them of Owen Beathams name and address which is 927 East Main st Torrington CT 06790 phone number (860) 307-1648 and Natalie Marie Beathams phone number is 203-308-6748. DCF is also going to be notified immediately. This photo of Owen Beatham has also been emailed to the above mentioned people.

Ini addition Evan has created a public post to every one of his 3288 facebook contacts along with Owen Beathams name address and phone number.

This update also serves as evidence for the police in event of any malfeasance. A picure of Owen Beatham can be seen at http://www.nataliebeathamtorringtonct.com/rebirth/ below to help authorities easily locate Owen Beatham.

Owen Beatham 927 East Main st Torrington CT 06790